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  • Great friendly staff who seem to genuinely care about their patients health.

    -Jason H.
  • I refer all my friends, family and even acquaintances with back issues to your office.

    -Janet J.
  • I recommend you constantly. I have gotten excellent results in the past and my expectations are very high that I will get excellent results now.

    -Gary S.
  • Very friendly staff and genuinely-caring doctor! Very happy I was referred here!

    -Randi W.
  • Got me in on the day I called and the treatment provided immediate relief. Dr Wheeler gave me confidence to an activity I was hoping to do later this evening.

    -Brian D.
  • Everyone at Wheeler was extremely kind. I felt valued as a patient and not just like number. 

    -Emily J.
  • Quality visit. Comfortable with doctor and facility was top notch.

    -Pat K.
  • The practice seems very well run and efficient and staff is friendly and knowledgeable … all things I appreciate greatly!

    -Diana R.
  • Nice office facilities. Very caring and professional staff.

    -Ken E.
  • Very friendly and helpful environment!

    -Jeanine G.
  • After reading the reviews on Google I decided to give this doctor a try. The staff and doctor surpassed my already high expectations. I would recommend Dr. Wheeler and his staff to anyone.

    -Josh O.
  • Staff and doctor are amazing here!

    -Katherine D.
  • Everything was great! Dr. Wheeler was great and friendly. His staff was great and friendly. I walked out feeling like a new person. I actually slept the whole night for the first time in a long time, coming from someone who is pregnant.

    -Alicia B.
  • Thank you for your caring and professional help. My hope is to stay healthy for a long and enjoyable retirement!

    -Judith S.
  • A very pleasant experience that I will share with all of my friends and family. A very pleasant, friendly and helpful staff. Facilities are well maintained and very clean. Plenty of parking and easy to find. I have worked in the medical environment and found Dr Wheeler to be very knowledgeable and happy to explain what he’s doing and why

    -Michael O.
  • The staff is incredible! Coming in for a school project to speak about culture in health care, Dr. Wheeler and his staff welcomed my new experience and took the time to explain Acupuncture. I will be back and refer your practice! Thank you!

    -Samantha A.
  • Awesome first visit, wish I would have seen you guys when I first came to town 5 months ago.

    -Joe H.
  • Dr. Wheeler and his staff are awesome!

    -Lanell M.
  • I had a very relaxing acupuncture session and I will definitely come back.

    -Megan M.

Wheeler Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic Is Here For You

An Understanding and Compassionate Wichita Chiropractor

We’ve been in your shoes. While many chiropractors are experienced and kind, very few know what it feels like to be fighting for your health – or even for your life. At Wheeler Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic our compassion stems from the sympathy that can only be gained through trial itself.

Wichita chiropractor, Dr. John Wheeler knows the concerns and fears of his patients because that’s where he started. And he continues to keep that perspective fresh in his mind as he cares for you and your family.

Creating a Positive Experience

“Even without significant health worries, a visit to see a chiropractor or an acupuncturist can be scary,” admits Dr. John Wheeler. “We understand fear of the unknown, so our goal is to make every patient feel at ease by explaining the entire process.”

Our 100% referral-based practice is focused on making your unique experience positive and memorable. We pride ourselves on caring more for you, valuing your time and keeping our focus and attention on YOU during each visit. Our patients know that we are quick and easy to get in to see, they know the friends and family they refer to our office will be happy and that we go the extra mile to make it work for every person that comes to our office.

Health is Irreplaceable

Your health is your most valuable possession. You can’t replace it with something else. But you can safeguard it, improve it, and value it highly. We’ll help you get on the path to regaining lost ground in your journey toward wellness, and help you to keep it once you get there.

Take a look at our virtual office tour and read about what our patients say about us. Then, give us a call us today to schedule your first appointment.