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More Wheeler Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic Reviews

Back to Work Feeling Brand New

J. Grant with docThis is to certify, I have visited Wichita 3 times, as I am from rural Australia, and like the fresh air and semi-rural atmosphere of this large City in the Mid West. I first visit Dr Wheeler by checking thru’ the yellow pages or maybe the I’Net I can’t recall, and his initial adjustments were precisely the perfect technique used by other American trained chiropractors I have visited over 20 years in Australia, Singapore, Jakarta and Rome. These and all subsequent spinal alignment adjustments have been extremely successful, with excellent neck, mid back and lower back adjustments.

I have had problems with my lower back since heavy laboring work in the iron ore fields of northern Western Australia during University vacations over 20 years ago. The straight forward adjustments by Dr Wheeler alleviate and virtually completely align my back again after 4 to 6 adjustments. In recent years as a Senior Civil Engineer in the jungles in Asia, and recently the rough sand dunes of the Middle East, my neck and mid back also slip out of alignment due to the very strenuous site engineering involved. Dr Wheelers adjustment during my R&R re-align, stop completely the nerves jamming pain, and I go back to work feeling like new. It is remarkable and I owe a great deal to Dr Wheeler and could not continue in my job which is around 90 hours per week, without these adjustments to straighten & correct the misalignments. I appreciate very much. I also have found the highly professional Reception Staff very helpful and they go out of there way to fit me into appointments when I come at short notice or altered timetables from overseas.

-Sincerely, J. Grant Fielding B.Eng.(Univ.of Melb)

Professional Athlete Couldn’t Have Performed So Well Without Dr. Wheeler

Achilleas water skiingMy name is Achilleas Patounis. I live in Athens, Greece. I am a professional water ski champion, currently ranked #3 in the world. I was invited to the United States to compete in the 2011 US Open Water Ski Championship, but a shoulder injury nearly kept me from competing. My Chiropractor in Greece told me to take care with Dr. Wheeler in Wichita. When I arrived, he helped me that day and each day until my competition. On competition day, Dr. Wheeler came to the US Open to give me adjustments and acupuncture and tape my shoulder for the final competition. I am grateful for the excellent care and sports therapy from Dr. Wheeler and his staff. I could not have performed so well without them!

-Achilleas Patounis

Headaches, Dizziness and Nausea After Auto Accident

Thomas fishingMy name is Thomas Yount and some years ago I was a patient of Doc Wheeler. I had been in an auto accident and frankly did not think I was injured at all. Just had a “bit of a crick” in my neck. I wasn’t even going to put it in the accident report but a policeman said I should just in case.

Wow! To make it short — within a couple of weeks — headaches that got to be terrible, dizziness, nausea, hard pain in my right arm to where I could barely lift my arm and other minor problems in my back that became much worse.

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I went to good doctors, then K.U. Med. Center and others trying to find a way to stop the headaches and other pain in my back. Surgery was discussed, pain killers, neck and back braces and the like. I was really in a bind and becoming depressed over the situation. My headaches were becoming a daily reality. And then there were the ones that were starting to come all to frequent. Couldn’t keep my eyes open because the light made it worse. The only thing that seemed to help the migraines was I would hurt bad enough that it would make me sick and I would throw up. Then a hot shower – pain pill and then sleep. It became something that affected my life, job and family.

Well- I met John Wheeler who seemed to be very understanding of my situation. After a bit of time it was easy to see that his concern was genuine. My “personalized” treatments were not of a template form but derived by him actually studying and reviewing my situation as we progressed. I felt a confidence that came from having the best of the best helping me.

Yes — he virtually got rid of the bad headaches and other problems I was having. He was also very honest in the fact that what I had was a permanent injury. Over the time I was seeing John he educated me at what I needed to do to keep myself healthy and as pain free as could be expected. He also advised me on signs to watch for in the future in a “just in case manner”.

I am having some of those “situations” he had said to watch for and I will tell you now from the bottom of my heart I wish I were back in Kansas where I could see him. I live in Arizona now and there are well meaning doctors out here but over the last three years I have not found one that that has given the “whole package of “concern for my health, treatment and relief from pain that his treatments gave me. I know there are others but I have yet to meet anyone in his field that gave their time to do the amount of research and study to continuously improve their art of care for their patients. As I look back on this it shows me integrity since his only reward from the time and cost to do it was to gain knowledge that helped him to increase the success rate of pain relief and healing capabilities for his patients.

Now– I think you remember me John and my wish is that you copy this and put it up on a wall where people can see it. In fact I think I will call your office and make sure that my request is honored. It’s not just something for people to see to let them know you are good at what you do but It is also a more sincere “thank you” that I wanted to say after finding out that you were even better than what I thought you were “back then”.

Thomas Yount

Works Miracles on Backs

Matt and docA co-worker noticed my discomfort one day at work and told him about my constant neck and back pain. He mentioned that his chiropractor, Dr. Wheeler, had worked miracles on his back and highly recommended him. For years I had been reluctant to go to a chiropractor because of horror stories and I figured my ‘self-adjustments’ were adequate enough to get me by. They were not. I took his advise and went to Wheeler Chiropractic. Simply put, Dr. Wheeler has dramatically improved my quality of life! My neck and back are a work in progress but I am no longer in constant pain and I owe that to Dr. Wheeler.


Daily Pain, GONE

SarahSince my freshman year of college nearly six years ago I had suffered from pain and tightness in my shoulder and neck. As the years passed this pain increased and was accompanied by frequent headaches. I always attributed my pain to stress or just a really bad knot in my shoulder. I tried an assortment of things to get rid of the pain and would find temporary relief but I’d soon start hurting again. In recent months, I noticed that my arm would start going numb during the day. Eventually, my shoulder and neck hurt so bad I was taking Ibuprofen daily for pain, sitting with a heating pad daily on my neck, and frequently rubbing bengay on my shoulder before I’d go to bed each night. In May, a friend of mine suggested visiting a chiropractor to see if that would help. I decided to give it a try and did an internet search for a chiropractor.

I came across Dr. Wheeler’s website and was impressed by how organized and informational it was. I gave the office a call to set up an appointment and to my surprise they had an opening for me an hour later! Since I’ve been going to Dr. Wheeler’s office the neck and shoulder pain I’ve dealt with the past 6 years is nearly completely gone! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Wheeler and his office! It’s evident that as a team, he and his staff truly care about the patients they serve.

-Sarah Marsolek

Baby Was Over Due!  Position Corrected and Labor Began After Acupuncture

Melissa and newbornI was two weeks overdue with our second child and more than ready for her to be born. Labor had started a few times in the two weeks since my due date, only to end just as the contractions became painful and regular. People came out of the woodwork suggesting things for me to try, including different positions for sleeping, tons of walking, eating certain foods, castor oil, supplements, chiropractic adjustments, even planning a trip out of town! I won’t admit how many of the logical as well as crazy ideas I tried…. Finally my friend and midwife suggested seeing Dr. John for acupuncture.

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I had always wondered about acupuncture, but had never looked into it. But at two weeks overdue, it sounded great! He worked me into the schedule that very day. I was impressed with the way he explained what was involved and took time to ask questions about my pregnancy and health. It seemed like a personalized treatment rather than a standard procedure. My midwife said that the baby was in a strange position, seeming to be stuck on one side; maybe acupuncture would encourage her to move. After Dr. John got everything set up and left the room, I decided that even if it didn’t work I’d be so grateful for several minutes of solitude in a calm, quiet, dark room – much different from being home with an almost 3 year old! Before I left the office he explained what I might experience. Sometime early evening I felt the baby move off of the side and more in the middle of my belly. I was encouraged by the new movement. The next day I went in for my second treatment. Contractions started that morning, but were not yet strong or consistent. As I was likely to be scheduled for an induction at my appointment the following day, I was very hopeful that this time labor would result in the birth of our daughter. Sure enough, as the day progressed the contractions got stronger and stronger and closer together. Late in the evening we went to the hospital and delivered our baby girl early in the morning. I am so thankful I gave acupuncture a try, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Thanks, Dr. John!

-Melissa Scapa

Yes even bedwetting!

“Its a family affair. I bring my whole family in to see Dr. Wheeler and his staff. My 5, 8 and 10 year old children love to go get their “back’s cracked” We see Dr. Wheeler for everything from scoliosis to bedwetting. The girls in the office are exceptional and make us feel very welcome. ”

-Paul Wells, Get a Move On

Acupuncture Corrected Wisdom Tooth Pain

“I recently received an acupuncture treatment from Dr. John and it was fantastic. I have been having pain in my jaw associated with wisdom teeth. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but I’m now a believer. I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is to be pain free without having to use a pill! Plus, his staff was great at making me feel at ease during the process.”

-Bert Jones, Sunflower Bank

Sore Throat Gone After Acupuncture

“A few weeks ago I went to Dr. Wheeler with a very sore throat. He suggested acupuncture. Forty-five minutes later I suddenly realized that the sore throat was much better and by the end of the day it was essentially gone!”

-Roberta Yacko

Gail & Andy

Caring is the Difference

Dr. John Wheeler and his entire staff truly care about their patients! When we walk into the office we are greeted by name and asked how we are doing. It is not uncommon for them to remember a conversation from last visit and inquire about that as well. It is wonderful to feel so welcomed when you walk into his office you can’t get that treatment just anywhere. This is just one of the many reasons we continue to see Dr. Wheeler (and his staff).

-Gail & Andy Jacques, Jacques Designs

Ron with sprayer

Detailed Cleaning

I have been cleaning Dr. Wheelers office carpets since 2004. I am very impressed with how clean they keep their office. They sweep and clean twice a day and it really makes a difference. The office still looks brand new. I’m impressed with a Doctor who pays attention to details and Dr. Wheeler does just that!

-Ron Dunn, Owner of Baron Carpet Cleaning



Trust is a very important issue to me. Before my first visit to Dr. Wheeler’s office, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But within a short 20 minutes or so, my concerns were all relieved. His office is a clean, safe, comfortable type place. Gaining my trust is a very difficult task and they have done so completely.

Jason Rutledge, Edward Jones Financial Advisor


Kids & Allergies

Before Jacob started receiving treatments he had severe allergies. The allergies caused him to be on several medications at one time as well as have frequent headaches. Since receiving acupressure and mild chiropractic treatments, he no longer has headaches and his allergy symptoms are completely under control. The treatments are very comfortable for Jacob and he enjoys the appointments. He is now able to enjoy his outdoor activities and has missed fewer school days. We truly appreciate Dr. Wheeler.

-Julie Feigles


Worth the Drive

I live out of town and drive over an hour to get to Dr. Wheelers office, but its worth it! They are very caring and gentle. I always leave feeling such relief. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Wheelers office. I decided one day to bring them a full basket of muffins, just to say Thanks!

-Kris Doerfler


In the Bank

I’m Dr. John’s banker. I have known him since he first came to Wichita to set up his practice. Since that time I have gotten to know him very well both personally and professionally. He has been a real help to achieving my health goals and he runs a well managed office. His office is comfortable and his staff are very caring. I can always get in to see him with just a notice and I know that when I refer a friend or family member to see Dr. John, they are always going to have a positive experience. I highly recommend him.

-Marc Ward, SunflowerBank

Valerie getting adjusted

Family & Kids

I have been seeing Dr. Wheeler for about 10 years now. He has always done a great job and helps me feel my very best. I trust Dr. Wheeler to care for my health and the health of my family. He is caring and knowledgeable and my kids love him. My daughter loves to get adjusted and always has to take a turn to get aligned when we come in.

-Valerie Watson



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