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More Wheeler Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic Reviews

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Acupuncture was the treatment that finally relieved the painful symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia for me. Medications had negative side effects and were not successful anyway. Dr. Wheeler and his staff are friendly, positive people and are anxious to help their patients. I am very thankful I tried acupuncture.

-Cheryl Carr


Chronic Back Pain

I have had chronic back pain for over 10 years. Every time I went to a chiropractor I left feeling worse than when I walked in. The first time I was treated by Dr. Wheeler I left feeling great. I even went in one day almost crawling. When I left I felt like I could run laps. He has worked miracles on me. I also like it that every time I walk into his office, I am greeted by name. I cannot say enough about Dr. Wheeler and his staff. I have never felt better.

-Sean Robinson

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Neck Pain for 40 Years

I’ve suffered with severe neck and upper back pain for forty years. The pain interfered with my sleep, my normal everyday activities, and just life period. Since seeing Dr. Wheeler, I have felt better than I have in forty years. My pain has decreased dramatically. I have seen other Chiropractors in the past, but have never felt this good. The adjustments and acupuncture have been the difference. Now I am able to enjoy my kids, my grandkids and my great-grandkids again!!! Thank you Dr. Wheeler for helping me to feel good again!

-Kay Lacy


“Perhaps it was the Rodeo falls, or the two car accidents I was in, whatever the reason, after three solid years of nearly daily headaches, I had to do something. The results were nothing short of miraculous. After one treatment with Dr. Wheeler, I went over a week before having another headache. I continued treatment to correct the cause and now I am headache free! Chiropractic changed my life.”

-Susan Miller


Back Pain

“Dear Dr. Wheeler, My lower back brought me in to see you. Three weeks and ten treatments later, I am experiencing little to NO pain. Also, thanks for literally getting my neck back in alignment. The stress and tension is greatly relieved. I continue daily to do several simple exercises plus the neck traction, walk or ride my bike for an hour and use correct posture when making the bed, picking something up, etc. Thank You!” A once reluctant sufferer,

– Shirley Shimp



“Dear Dr. Wheeler, I always start my day ready to accomplish a hard day at work and still find time to enjoy the day afterwards, but it sure is hard to accomplish both when my back is not allowing me to do either. I do so much physically for work, working out, roping and riding that when I’m restrained from all, it sure knocks me down. Everyday my back is feeling good, puts a smile on my face and I appreciate you for that.”

-Diane Haffener


Back to the Gym

“I am enjoying working out in the gym as often I can, so when I injured my middle back lifting weights, I had to do something fast. The pain in my back was so severe I had to have help to be able to walk. The pain was so intense it even hurt to breathe. The treatments from Dr. Wheeler helped me a lot. Within a week I was feeling 90% normal again. He even showed me how to change my workout routine so I would avoid having a repeat injury like this one again.”

-Randy Kusler


Eye Twitch

“I first came to see Dr. Wheeler because for the past eight months I was having daily neck and back pain and headaches. It finally became too much when my eye began twitching, after a month of that I knew I had to do something. I received a thorough examination by Dr. Wheeler; he has adjusted my neck and back and given me exercises and an orthopedic pillow to support my neck. Since the adjustments began, I have had 2 headaches in the past four months; both were very minor. It is now uncommon for me to have any neck pain, and it only returns long after I have seen him. The eye twitching disappeared the first week of my adjustments and hasn’t returned since!”

-Elizabeth Pearce



“I am a 21-year-old college student and for several years I have had awful headaches that even 4-6 Advil didn’t help. My Mother referred me to Dr. John Wheeler. I was extremely nervous about going to a chiropractor because I had never been to one before, but he was kind and gentle. After he adjusted my neck and back, my headache was gone within twenty minutes. He took time to explain and educate me on the problem. Dr.Wheeler is extremely good at what he does and now I tell everyone suffering from headaches or other aches and pains to go see him. I feel very good and I am able to function at school and work now that I get adjustments. My husband is now a patient too. We both think Dr. Wheeler is awesome!”

-Alexia Gragg

Blue Skies!

Dear Dr. John, I just wanted to say thank you for how much you have helped me and especially for last week’s adjustment. If you recall, I was feeling a little seasonal depression because of the gloomy days, my lower back burned from studying so many hours a day and my neck bothered me so much that I was not sleeping. However, when I left your office I felt so good. I felt high on endorphins, my aches were gone and even though I needed to return home to study, I just drove around for awhile and enjoyed how good I felt. I hope others learn how chiropractic health care can really change the way they feel. I tell everyone I know how I had been to a chiropractor before and how I will not spend the next 28 years of my life without it! Thanks Dr. John, I would not have been able to get through graduate school without you.”

-Ginger R. Schilling


Improved Digestion

“I came to see Dr. Wheeler for an evaluation of lower back pain that I thought was “normal”. I had general soreness in my shoulders and a “normal” stiffness in my neck also. This was the way I had felt the past 10 or 11 years. I didn’t think the symptoms were severe, but it’s amazing what you get use to. Dr. Wheeler adjusted my neck, realigning it- now no stiff neck. He also adjusted my back between my shoulders – no more upper back discomfort. Lastly, he adjusted my lower back – no more day to day dull pain!Following my treatment, I am happier, less stiffness, no longer am I sore no matter how much sleep I get. I even digest better now and am more in tune with my senses. I only wish I’d known about chiropractic sooner and known that I had a “problem” that could benefit from chiropractic treatment. I feel I would have traveled different paths with greater success had I not had these “day in, day out, everybody feels this way it’s normal” pains.

-Ilija Hardage



“There was only one reason I came to see Dr. Wheeler, my brother. He hounded for months to just give it a try. As my headaches and neck pain continued to worsen, I began to consider his recommendation, and reluctantly scheduled an appointment. I was very skeptical, I asked a lot of questions and Dr. Wheeler did a good job helping me understand what was wrong with my body, and what he could do to help me. I currently make a visit for treatment with Dr. Wheeler every four weeks to maintain the corrections in my spine. My life and lifestyle has improved because of Chiropractic. Now I feel more relaxed, I sleep better and the exercises he taught me have helped me strengthen my neck and upper back. I feel stronger and have less fatigue despite the heavy and frequent lifting my job requires. I can finally take my dogs for a walk without fearing pain. It was so bad at times my husband was afraid to give me a hug because of how it hurt me. My brother was right! I’m thankful he was persistent in referring me to this office.”

-Diana Welan


Work Injury

“I injured my back at work. The pain was so severe I could not continue working and the pain medication was not helping. Dr. Wheeler took X-rays and showed me what the problem was; I was surprised how twisted my back was. The adjustment made me feel better right away. I was back to work in just three days. I feel much better now; most of the pressure I was feeling is gone and I can touch my toes again.”

-Jeffrey M. Huebbe


Couldn’t Sleep

“Before coming to see Dr. Wheeler, I was having severe headaches, neck pain in my upper back and it was difficult for me to sleep. It took several Advil just to function. The pain was disrupting my life and work. That’s when a co-worker referred me to Dr. Wheeler. After checking my upper back and neck, and analyzing the X-rays, he began adjusting my upper back and neck areas. As a result of my treatment, the headaches have almost completely disappeared, along with the back pain and neck pain. I sleep better and fall asleep more easily. Overall, I have more energy and I feel better about myself. I appreciate the fact that that Dr. Wheeler took the time to explain to me what was wrong and what could be done to help in a manner that I could easily understand. He’s very professional, but has a great sense of humor and really put me at ease. Thank you, Dr. Wheeler!”

-Cara Boutz


Neck and Shoulder Pain

“I was left with severe neck and shoulder pain after a 125 lb. roll of insulation fell 45 ft. and landed on my neck and back. I couldn’t turn my head to the left at all and it was painful to turn to the right. This lasted for over two months, thanks in part to my insurance rep, who in her great wisdom was sure I didn’t need a chiropractor. Well, I wasn’t getting better so against my medical doctor and insurance representative’s advice, I went to the chiropractor anyway. Dr. Wheeler gave me excellent service and was very knowledgeable about my condition. I received a series of adjustments three times a week and then decreased from there as I recovered. Following my first adjustment, there wasn’t any pain. Now I can do all of the activities I once performed with no pain at all. Chiropractic makes me feel much better and healthier. I come to see Dr. Wheeler about once a month now to stay in good health and alignment.”

-Jeremiah Diamond

Pain Relief

“I’ve had constant, chronic pain since my accident 13 years ago. About 2-3 times per month it becomes very severe. After my first visit with Dr. Wheeler, I had very little pain, there was a lot of relief and for the first time in a long time, I felt healthy. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Wheeler, I have been able to sleep better, I can walk better and I feel stronger. It’s a hard 2 and ½ drive from my home to Dr. Wheeler’s office but it’s worth every mile, ‘cause he’s been able to fix what no one could fix. Thanks Doc.”

-Glynn Dilbeck


Neck and Shoulder Pain

“My years as a gymnast left me with constant neck and shoulder pain. This pain was aggravated each day while I typed at work. Medication helped the pain but left me feeling sluggish and unproductive. In just a matter of a few visits to Dr. Wheeler’s office, I had no pain while working and my shoulder and neck moved like normal again. Chiropractic has been very helpful for me.”

-Jennifer Yount


Sore Shoulders

“My work as a K-State Yell Leader required a lot of strength in my shoulders, arms, legs and back. I guess that’s why they hurt all the time, particularly my shoulders. Dr. John helped me learn how to avoid further injury and gave me specialized treatment I couldn’t get from the trainer’s. If it were not for his help, I would have had to quit my senior year. Chiropractic treatments before a game or tournament really helped me be my best. Most of our stunts require strength and balance. After an adjustment, I could tell the difference. I continue for the health benefit. Frankly, it makes me feel better.”

-Jeremy Wheeler

Candy Kusler


“My back has a curve in it that causes me a tremendous amount of back and neck pain. I have lived with the pain most of my life. Chiropractic care is the only thing I have found that helps. I have been a patient of Dr. Wheeler’s for over a year. He is very caring and listens to me. His treatments have controlled the pain to allow me to do the things I want to do. The exercises he taught me have helped strengthen my back. I cannot imagine going without Chiropractic; it helps me so much.”

-Candi Kusler


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