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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic and Acupuncture care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Wheeler Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. John Wheeler

  • The staff is incredible! Coming in for a school project to speak about culture in health care, Dr. Wheeler and his staff welcomed my new experience and took the time to explain Acupuncture. I will be back and refer your practice! Thank you!

    -Samantha A.
  • Thank you for your caring and professional help. My hope is to stay healthy for a long and enjoyable retirement!

    -Judith S.
  • I cannot express how appreciative I am for all the care that I received for my treatment!! Thank you all so much! I am on the pathway to feeling so much better!!

    -Crystal G.
  • A very pleasant experience that I will share with all of my friends and family. A very pleasant, friendly and helpful staff. Facilities are well maintained and very clean. Plenty of parking and easy to find. I have worked in the medical environment and found Dr Wheeler to be very knowledgeable and happy to explain what he’s doing and why

    -Michael O.
  • Everything was great! Dr. Wheeler was great and friendly. His staff was great and friendly. I walked out feeling like a new person. I actually slept the whole night for the first time in a long time, coming from someone who is pregnant.

    -Alicia B.
  • I recommend you constantly. I have gotten excellent results in the past and my expectations are very high that I will get excellent results now.

    -Gary S.
  • Got me in on the day I called and the treatment provided immediate relief. Dr Wheeler gave me confidence to an activity I was hoping to do later this evening.

    -Brian D.
  • After reading the reviews on Google I decided to give this doctor a try. The staff and doctor surpassed my already high expectations. I would recommend Dr. Wheeler and his staff to anyone.

    -Josh O.
  • The practice seems very well run and efficient and staff is friendly and knowledgeable … all things I appreciate greatly!

    -Diana R.

Staff is Amazing

You’re staff is amazing. I would go back because of them alone. When I called to schedule I asked if we could skip over all the things that maybe you should do with someone who’s not familiar with chiropractors. That is exactly what I got and I am very satisfied with my experience. Thank you

-Nick D.

Excellent Doctor overall!

Staff was very polite and helpful with absolutely no wait time at all. Dr. Wheeler was very helpful as well he listened to my husband and even though, my husband is not done with therapy- he’s noticed a significant difference on his back pain. I’m glad I found a great Doctor online, great reviews.

-Elisiel P.

Great Help To Me

Think this will be of great help to me. Glad to be referred by Gina.

-Jan S.


I have been in business for myself since I was 17 now 73. Have dealt with many facets of various professions claiming to be the consummate professional in that environment. The immediate feeling of this man’s caring/ability is somewhat overwhelming he extrudes confidence as does his staff. I was kidding him about his many references that his kin had placed on his website! LOL Obviously he deserved them all and they were for real!

-Glenn C.


Great interpersonal skills of both Dr. Wheeler and staff. Very organized and patient flow seems quite orchestrated, keeping things moving! My 2nd visit was better. A more detailed explanation of my medical issue and the manipulation was awesome providing relief the entire night. First good nights sleep in a very long time and I did not wake up with a headache. Awesome!

-Gina W.

Best Staff Ever

Some of the best staff I’ve ever met. Very helpful, caring individuals and the doctor is great, confident and shows he cares when you talk to him. I highly recommend Wheeler Chiropractic to anyone dealing with chronic pains, or even just off set musculoskeletal issues.

-Joe S.

Very Professional

Dr Wheeler and his staff are very professional and make me feel very confident with each appointment visit. I am confident with each visit and very positive that with Dr Wheelers expertise and my positive thinking that I can and will improve physically.

-Dorsey S.

Amazing Staff

All of the staff are amazing. They are friendly, non judgmental and knowledgeable. I feel they really care more about people, they are flexible with time, you’re in and out within a half hour, office is well kept and clean. I could go on and on. Love love love! Highly recommend.

-Diane G.

Looking Forward TO Healing With Wheeler Chiropractic

Appreciate calling to find an available appointment the same day. Staff was professional and explained everything well. Looking forward to my healing experience through Wheeler Chiropractic.

-Sarah G.

Great Place

Great Place from the staff to Dr. Wheeler – would highly recommend!

-Shari D.


Was very thankful to be seen for my first appointment the day that I called. Experienced relief with my neck issue after the first visit.

-Dona F.

Neck And Shoulder Pain Gone

Since I’ve been going to Dr. Wheeler’s office the neck and shoulder pain I’ve dealt with the past 6 years is nearly completely gone! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Wheeler and his office! It’s evident that as a team, he and his staff truly care about the patients they serve.

-Sarah M.

Appreciate Your Help

I was so sore, bruised and swollen from a fall. I was worked on twice in the same day. I appreciate being fit into your schedule. I walk and feel better.

-Julie L.

No Knee Pain

For the first time in a very long time I had a good portion of the day with no knee pain after my visit.

-Mitchell F.


The staff was so friendly and called me by name. Dr Wheeler was very informative and professional and made me feel at ease and showed he cared about my condition. The staff helped with my insurance and was very friendly and gentle when working with putting on my e stem. So far everyone has proven they are a great professional friendly staff that I would definitely refer people to. Thanks to all of you for making me feel at ease and confident with having you take care of my condition. I very much appreciate it.

-James M.

Caring People

All of the staff are amazing. Had my fourth visit today and I already see results. They are friendly, non judgmental, knowledgeable, I feel they really care more about people, they are flexible with time, your in and out within a half hour, office is well kept and clean. I could go on and on. Love love love! Highly recommend.

-Diane G.

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